Frankonia strives to create new city quarters as complete living spaces that offer residents every convenience and comfort imaginable. Consequently we place great emphases on one precious commodity: "time" - because time is finite. Although each day is 24 hours long we seldom have enough time to enjoy it properly.

This is why part of the service Frankonia offers residents is to give them more of that precious commodity so that they can enjoy life to the full. Frankonia's Concierge Service and other tailor made services will help you to do just that.

Private Spa

In the west wing of the Sophienpalais there is a private spa for the residents of Sophienterrassen offering a wide range of amenities. The Spa, situated at garden level, provides plenty of space for exercise, relaxation and wellness including steam baths, saunas, and quiet rooms to relax in as well as modern sports equipment for fitness. In addition we invite you to enter the world of wellness with a wide range of bookable treatments to choose from.

Underground car park

The car is an important part of our lifestyle. Ideally it should be parked as close by as possible, but neither seen nor heard. Sophienterrassen, located in the centre of the city, is a completely car-free zone because all access and car parking has been put completely underground. The advantage of having your own parking spaces directly under your residence is that you can always be sure that you have barrier free, direct access to your home (via the lift) without getting your feet wet!