When building a new city quarter the prime objective is of course to create a place that is worth living in. This is not only an opportunity to set new standards in terms of building quality and features, but also in terms of sustainability.

From a very early stage Frankonia was already concerned about sustainability. When one looks at the energy consumption of a building alone, economy and environmental considerations are inseparable. In fact it is no surprise that economy and ecology have a common root: the ancient Greek word "Oikos", which means, "house" or "household".

To put it succinctly: sustainability is worth it, particularly in the long term.

The following example shows the level of effort Frankonia put in to minimise the effect of the construction on the natural habitat as far as possible:

The old English oak on the "Square" could not be cut down. So the only thing to do was to build the underground car park around the roots. This meant extra cost and time that we were prepared to invest, as the majestic green canopy of the old tree is an essential addition to the quality of life of the quarter.